With an Eye on the Future.

From the long-term vision that inspired the CSQ complex decades ago to today’s latest sustainability initiatives, we’re creating better workplaces every step of the way.

An Open-Ended Journey

We know we’re setting the stage for tomorrow’s sustainability achievements every time we make a decision relating to building operations, maintenance, upgrades or renovations.

Building on our recognition as the first existing Ottawa structure to receive both a LEED Platinum certification and Fitwel 2-Star rating certification, we’re working towards Net Zero Carbon Performance and striving to provide you with healthier and ever more accessible workplaces.

Along with the rest of our Canderel family, our resolve to reduce our carbon footprint and provide healthy, accessible and comfortable workplaces is stronger than ever.

Invested in Sustainability

Sustainability at Canderel is driven by a Strategic Committee with a clear mandate to establish a vision and long-term goals, define priorities and oversee the delivery of our programs.

Canderel strives to achieve a high level of engagement among our stakeholders and in the communities where we operate by demonstrating leadership, innovation and expertise in sustainability. Our goal is to provide building occupants with a safe and comfortable environment while managing resources efficiently and reducing operating costs.