Your CSQ Amenities

Elevating the Workplace.

CSQ provides you with a range of tenant-exclusive amenities dedicated to enhancing your workplace experience. Here’s to loving where you work.
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Conference Centre

Located at 340 Albert Street, CSQ’s high-tech-enabled and newly renovated conference centre accommodates meetings from as small as a few individuals up to 50 people.

This tenant-exclusive facility includes five meeting rooms of various sizes, all equipped with LCD screens, video-conferencing systems, whiteboards and more.

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Fitness Centre

Located at 350 Albert Street, the newly renovated Fitness Centre is exclusive to the CSQ tenant community.

The Centre offers a complete line of cardio and strength training equipment, a studio with group classes ranging from Yoga to Bodybuilding, personal training and full-service locker rooms.

Wellness 180° Centre

Self-care to be your best self: hosted by Okkto, CSQ’s 180° Wellness Centre is your serene and relaxing haven within the workplace.

Set aside your to-do list, let go, and switch to recharge mode. Book one of the meditation pods at 340 Albert Street — Suite 110, via the Canderel Plus+ app.

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Cycle Centre

Located on the P1 level of CSQ’s underground parking facilities, our Cycle Centre allows you to park your precious ride safely away from prying hands and the natural elements.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at no extra cost to our tenants, the Cycle Centre includes double-decker racks, a bicycle service area, convenient seating and a water bottle refill station.

Elevated Terraces

Nestled between the towers is one of the original CSQ concept’s most forward-looking gems.

Complete with outdoor furniture and landscaped gardens, our duo of tenant-exclusive terraces is your private downtown oasis—and a perfect spot for lunch, breaks, CSQ events or on-demand functions.


More people space in the workplace, we do that. We also do storage quite nicely.

In need of that extra bit of square footage to safely store your work goods? Ask our team about storage options available throughout Constitution Square.

24/7 Security

Trained in emergency procedures, our security officers work in conjunction with state-of-the-art safety systems to watch over CSQ’s safety.

What’s more, motion-detection cameras provide them with real-time visibility on strategic areas and capture everything that happens 24/7.

Car Services

Park your vehicle at CSQ and clean it too! Located on level P1 of CSQ’s underground parking, the good folks at Magic Carwash hand-wash vehicles and offer a range of detailing options.

Prefer to do some of the dirty work? Our climate-controlled parking facilities also feature a free, self-serve area to clean windows, vacuum the cabin and inflate tires.

EV Stations

Working at Constitution Square means both you and your vehicle can leave the workplace fully recharged.

CSQ inaugurated its first dedicated EV parking spaces in 2015. In line with our sustainability commitment, we currently offer five EV charging stations along with five stalls for carpoolers.

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Accessing CSQ’s underground parking is a breeze thanks to multiple entry and exit points on Slater Street, one of which caters to monthly parking holders.

Inside the climate-controlled facilities, stop by the free, self-serve Car Service Station to inflate tires, clean your vehicle’s windows or go all-in using the professional-grade car vacuum.

Monitored 24/7
650+ stalls
EV charging
Visitor parking

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More time. More energy.
More you.

Take time out of your daily equation with a roster of food venues and convenient on-site services, all within CSQ’s walls.

On-site services

Constitution Dental
Kids & Company 
Magic Carwash
Physiotherapy on Kent


Bâton Rouge
Green Rebel
Roast n’ Brew